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Concealed Carry

IMG_2539KPM“I thought I knew… but I didn’t!  I came in thinking this would be a repeat, but now I know it means practice, practice, practice.”  W.M.



We provide the most complete, and thought-out course in the area, hands down. We proudly provide students of every skill level a relaxed, fun, friendly, personal experience.  We do not stop at the basic course mandated by law, but we provide what many instructors consider an advanced CCW class at no additional charge. Most instructors have their students sit in a class room for 8 hours with very little range time. Not us. We have a very active hands on course where our students will spend the appropriate time in the classroom setting to discuss safety and the laws, and move to the range for the majority of the class where we will reinforce the classroom lessons and have a fun interactive range session. We even go as far as to take/ the students photograph to save them an additional $10 for their passport photo that must be on their Ohio application. We also run off additional copies of certificates that would be needed for the application process.



In this course, you will receive intensive lessons in safety, gun handling, marksmanship, various pistol firing positions, numerous practical exercises on the firing range, cleaning, storage, and a summary of the pistol sports and activities.


In addition, we will thoroughly cover Ohio, and WV CHL laws awareness of our surroundings, holsters, clothing, everyday carry issues, and promote continued education and routine practice.


“I was afraid of a firearm before the class – Now after the class, I am much more comfortable with handling a firearm.”


We will walk you through the application process, and provide packets to obtain not only an Ohio, or WV CHL, but a Florida, Arizona, and Pennsylvania non-resident CHL as well.


As you can see, we do not settle for the minimum requirements associated with a typical concealed carry class.  Our students understand that settling for the bare minimum requirements mandated by law to obtain a license is not enough to properly defend themselves and or their loved ones.  Our class will meet all minimum requirements and continue to exceed them by developing the course into what most instructors in the  valley consider an advanced defensive class.  Our class begins at 9 am and will run approximately 10 hours. In the additional time you can expect to clear common handgun malfunctions, use cover properly, shooting on the move, shooting in low light, and shooting from retention.  Our friendly crew will assure you that even the most novice student can complete all of the tasks while having a great time on the range.


GUNSTOCK Firearms & Training even provides lunch. Typical lunch consists of coffee, fruit, pizza, chips and additional snacks.


We do not recommend that any student purchase a firearm for the class. We will provide firearms free of charge by request.


  • Handgun (Please, NO “pocket” guns, or “magnum” calibers)

  • At least two magazines

  • Strong Side Holster (stays open when firearm is removed)

  • Adequate Belt

  • MINIMUM of 150 rounds of Ammunition

  • Comfortable Clothing and Footwear (no open toe shoes)

  • $90 Course Fee




Indoor Course
Fort Harmar Rifle Club – Indoor Range
2951 Waterford Rd.
Marietta, OH 45750

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Outdoor Course
IBEW 972 Union Hall – behind Peoples Bank
Directions to FHRC outdoor range will be given in class
50 Sandhill Rd.
Reno, OH 45773

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