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Fort Harmar – Buckeye Ballistic Challenge

Calling all Range Safety Officers (RSOs)

July 20, 21, 22

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2018 Buckeye Ballistic Challenge

2018 is here, and the GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) Buckeye Ballistic Challenge is going to be here before you know it!  Over the past several years, we have broken record after record in regards to the number of competitor entries, and the amazingly short lines.  It is all thanks to Fort Harmar Rifle Club’s amazing group of volunteer range officers.

A few years back, Daryl Jones created a FREE GSSF RSO course followed by a live fire range fun day.  This allowed interested volunteer Range Safety Officers the opportunity to learn about the benefits of membership and volunteering, the rules of the event, and how to properly participate as an efficient RSO.  As a result of participating in the course, we have noticed an increased amount of confidence in our new Range Officers.  As the confidence of our Range Officers increase, so does their attendance at other club events, which in-turn increases the clubs Match Directors willingness to schedule more events. 


Reports show that 2087 GSSF Matches are once again breaking records.  Fort Harmar Rifle Club can not continue to be recognized as one of the best matches and continue to break records without the support of our Range Safety Officers! 


NO GSSF RSO Class in 2018 (sorry) – 9 am – you run out of ammo
Once again, we will be presenting the GSSF RSO Course / FUN Day.  This course is designed to educate both, novice and experienced RSOs in all aspects of the GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation Event.  The course is FREE and allows the participants the opportunity to get hands on and run the stages as if it were match day!  We are hopeful that GSSF will also be providing the participants that attend with goody bags!


June 3rd – 8 am – 3 pm
This is a event that mimics the big GSSF match, but allows the competitors to shoot any handgun or handgun caliber carbine! Effectively this is an opportunity for the new RSOs to get a feel for the match on a smaller scale, as well as an avenue to draw more competitors to the big event.  We encourage the NEW RSOs to give us a hand during match.  By working the GLOCK Style Match, you will get to shoot one entry FREE, as a thank you! (For more information about the GLOCK Style Match, please contact Match Director – Mike Kampmeier (740)236-2030)


July 20nd – 8 am – 1 pm
GSSF Setup Day:  Without the help of our amazing volunteers, we would not be GLOCK’s favorite club to host a match!  Seriously!!!  By the time that GLOCK arrives, our stages are complete, our range boxes are organized, and most of our workers have shot their entries for the weekend.  2017 we began setting up at 8am and were 95% complete by 9am!!! This is not the norm for GLOCK.  Typically, they arrive to a handful of volunteers, and they have to help clean up a range from a previous match and then begin to layout and set up for the event.  Because GLOCK has been so thrilled with our workers, they have offered an additional gift for workers that set up on Friday!  (Did I mention you get FREE stuff for helping?) After setting up, Range Officers that will be working Saturday or Sunday may shoot their entries. This allows our volunteers to remain at their stages during the event, keeping our lines short and running smooth!


July 21st & 22nd – 7 am – 4 pm
GSSF Match Day 1 & 2:  We need workers!  Lots of them!  With over 500 entries in two days time, the more Range Safety Officers on hand, the further we can spread out the work load.  Last year we beat our record, and did not have any long lines!  This is nearly unheard-of.  The more people we have to put stickers over holes (pasting), painting targets, keeping score, watching for safety, and taking registrations (squadding) the more smooth and enjoyable the experience is for everyone.  If you can not make it for a whole day, no problem, just let me know in registration.  We will not turn you away!  After clean up on Sunday, GLOCK will draw the worker guns!  (Each day you help, will enter you in a drawing to win a GLOCK handgun.)


There is literally a job for everyone.  There is a need for timers, score keepers, pasters (putting stickers over holes), setting up, tearing down, stage layout, squadding, registration, selling raffle tickets, selling t shirts, light maintenance, handing water to workers, collecting score cards, entering scores into a computer, and much more. We have seen all ages, all health conditions, and all walks of life help by participating at an event which made the entire experience more enjoyable for all involved.  If you do not have a whole day to give, no problem, help as long as you can.  Every bit helps!


(You do not need to be a member to volunteer)


In addition to the GLOCK Style, and GSSF matches, Fort Harmar could also use help with their Kevin Parks Youth Program, Woman on Target Clinics, International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA), Ladies Pistol, Historical Military Shoot, 3-GUN matches, .22 Silhouette match, and more.  Be sure to visit  to see the current schedule and Match Director contact information.


This was a quick summary of what is to come.  For more detail, join us on the 3rd of June for the GSSF RSO / Fun Day, or feel free to email, call or text me.

This registration page is owned and operated by Daryl S. Jones of GUNSTOCK Firearms and Training.  Daryl Jones is a volunteer Match Director for Fort Harmar Rifle Club.  He has used these resources to help orchestrate the volunteer efforts for such events.  Fort Harmar Rifle Club and GUNSTOCK Firearms & Training are two separate entities and in no way does Fort Harmar Rifle Club promote GUNSTOCK Firearms & Training.  Daryl Jones, GUNSTOCK Firearms & Training and Fort Harmar Rifle Club take your privacy seriously and will not sell or distribute your contact information to a third party.