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Helping Responsible Firearm Owners Obtain The Proper
Knowledge, Attitude, & Skill
To Safely & Efficiently Handle Firearms

Concealed Carry

Learn more about our comprehensive concealed handgun course that everyone is talking about.

Upcoming Classes:
Saturday, April 22nd (Outdoor)
Sunday, May 21st (Outdoor)

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GF&T - Advanced Handgun Course

Our Advanced Handgun Course is always in high demand. Static targets, steel targets, 360 degree shoot house, and working in and around a vehicle this class is designed to take you above and beyond your concealed handgun course.

Upcoming Classes:
Sunday, May 7th

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First Aid / CPR

Learn more about our American Heart Association - First Aid / CPR Course

Next Class:
Sunday, March 26th Private & Corporate Classes are Avaliable

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